New Music Alert!!

Right so there’s new music making it’s way to our ears right now and I’ve picked my favourite tracks to pass onto you guys so you can take a listen!!

1. Ben Haenow ‘Alive’

Ben’s first independent release is taken from the EP ‘Alive’. He wrote this track alongside his brother, Alex, and says it’s his way of saying thank you to his fans for constantly being his support and helping to rebuild his confidence after being dropped from SYCO. It’s a track that’s worthy of placing high in the charts as well as reminding everyone how amazingly talented Ben is. Check it out on the Spotify link and download from all official download sites. The EP ‘Alive’ is having an official release soon but stay tuned for more tracks coming over the summer.

2. Ollie Garland ‘Darling’

Think back to X Factor and the boyband ‘Overload’ – Ollie was one of the members of the group. After leaving them and trying to make it in a band, Ollie has now decided to start putting his music out. This one was released today at 3pm and shows the grown up Ollie. This is the sort of music that shows off his voice and definitely puts him up there with my top favourites. Now he needs the luck of someone to hear this and give him a proper chance within an industry that deserves his talent.

3. Christopher Haul ‘Something’s Changed’

So this track is out THIS MONTH (currently available to pre order) and I’m totally hyped!!! I’ve been following Chris for the last 7 years and I’ve watched him go through the good and the bad. This track is the result of a lot of hard work, a lot of gigs, a lot of studio time but now the proper hard work starts. Watch the video and let me know what you think!!

So stay tuned and let me know what you think of these tracks!! Comment below 🙂 


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