The Dark Side of Social Media…

With the world of social media growing on a regular basis, millions of people use media platforms as a way of voicing their opinions or even a way of staying in contact with something that they are passionate about. However, as well as the bright sid of doing this, there is also the dark side.

The entertainment industry, no matter what area, always seems to uncover the ones who are passionate but take their passion too far and become obsessed. It’s not always been around the world of social media as you look through history and look as major people who have been assassinated due to an obsession in one form or another.

Yes I can say that I am passionate about music and I am passionate about certain people and/or groups but it would never get to the point where I would go around telling people I’m dating or engaged to one of them? This is some of the things that I have been on the receiving end of by being in different fandoms. 

In a way I feel sorry for the ones that seem to enjoy messaging me believing that this is something that would happen – especially for someone who’s never met the one that they are currently ‘dating’. With all of this though then comes the jealousy from these people – if you get a message/tweet/meet the person they are obsessed with, then comes the hate messages. That is something that I’ve also been in the receiving end of and when the abuse is constant, it makes you want to give up.

This is where my advice comes in to everyone that is reading this blog – if you EVER end up on the receiving end of someone who is obsessed with someone or something you are passionate about, just be nice to them. The more you are nice to them, the more they will get fed up of trying to be better than you and that way you won’t let them win. NEVER give up doing something that you are passionate about – if it is what you love, don’t let anyone spoil it for you at all.


One thought on “The Dark Side of Social Media…

  1. People just love to dive their noses into other peoples’ businesses because they’re bored of their own lives and need something to pass the time. Have to feel sorry for them in a way. Keep on doing you! I’d just laugh at anyone that makes up any stupid rumours or sends you hate messages, it shows you’re far better than those simple minded people.



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