Bands + Fans = new friendships or just more drama?

I don’t know if I can say that I follow any ‘bands’ exactly but I’m going to use that title anyway! It’s one of those things…you find someone you enjoy seeing, whether they be established or not, you make friends at gigs, meet ups, via social media but then it’s that dreaded question?

Are they actually you’re friend or are they just using you and it won’t be long before the drama starts?

Social media platforms like twitter for example, are one of these that play a key factor in causing drama. I’ve witnessed countless arguments where someone has started on someone because they didn’t get them a video message from someone or I’ve seen groups go against each other and all their fans join in and cause drama.

For me personally, I’ve had my fair share of drama – the main one being through supporting a friend  who I’ve known a long time and a ‘fan’ slating me and anyone else that comes into contact with him via twitter and then apologises when they get caught out.

For me, supporting people in the industry is about enjoying their talent, their music, their performances and feeling that excitement when you get to see your friends. That to me is where a true friendship stems from…not just one of these where you act all best friend like at gigs and then can’t be bothered after that (I’ve had my fair share of those too!!)

Comments have been made in the past too that I have stopped supporting people and only tweet people to get a response….no. THAT is unfair. Once again social media helps you to judge people when you don’t really know them at all.

I know there will probably be a few reading this thinking ‘is she on about me?’ All I will say is, I’ve not named you…but if the shoe fits…

For the rest of you…the ones who know they’re my friends for life…I’ll see you all soon. Meet ups will be sorted (when I’ve got some more money! Ha)


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