Alive Tour 2017 – the after thoughts ❤️

Now that I’ve had a couple of days at home suffering from tour blues, I thought it was about time I posted a little blog about seeing Ben Haenow on tour the last couple of weeks. I feel so lucky that I managed to do 5 dates – I did Leamington Spa, Manchester, Sheffield, London and finished in Dublin (with what felt like a two day hangover!)

It was suitably called the ‘Alive’ tour, as it was named after the EP that was being sold on tour. Ben told us each night that the song ‘Alive’ was written for us, the fans, because we are the ones that keep his dream alive.

I’ve got so many memories from this tour that are personal to me. I count myself to be so lucky to always get the chance to meet Ben and have a chat with him. It’s one of those things that some people might frown upon and call me a ‘fan girl’ or a ‘stalker’ – but those people are the ones that don’t understand the power of music and what it means to people. Sometimes you don’t know what a person is going through and that might mean that they look up to someone who has helped them through their music.

The tour wasn’t just about supporting Ben though, it was also the friendships…the long lasting friendships that have been forged. I think running through Dublin at 4am jumping on statues has cemented that mine and Naylor’s friendship is going to be a long one! 

So the next few paragraphs are my thank yous ❤️

Shazza- Maaaaaaaaaaaaate!!! Thank you for being my tour buddy, my wing woman, my drunken partner…the last few weekends have been hilarious and I’m so glad we are friends! Love you to pieces.

All the people I met on tour – there are FAR too many of you to name but I’m so glad I’ve finally been able to put faces to twitter names. You are all amazing people and I still ache from laughing now!! I can’t wait until I see you all again…let’s sort a meet up soon please!?

Christian – you are fantastic. This is just the start for you – def got a bright future ahead! Hope we made you giggle at all the dates we did! Will def see you when you do your own tour.

Lily-Jo & Dave – you two are amazing ❤️ thank you for the conversations, the laughs, and the heart to hearts (yes lily-jo!) I loved watching you both perform and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you.

Tommy & Daf – welcome to the crazy world of the Haeniacs!! You two are perfect additions and I def love you both! Haha! PLEASE stay with the boys! Def need you on the next tour. ❤️

Alex – Alright my lover? Hahaha!! THANK YOU for putting up with my random shit whenever you saw me…if I’m honest, I never expected to get on with you as well as I do but now I wouldn’t change you for anything. 🙂 I’m never lending you my phone again though lol! Xxx

Ben – now, where do I start with you? How about this? I am SO bloody proud of you. This tour…you just get better and better with everything that you do. You are always so humble and genuine and, like I said to you in Manchester, you don’t realise how special it is to us to see you on that stage. The only way is up now…this is the beginning of Chapter Two and we are all going to be there every single step of the way. Thank you for always taking the time to come chat to me, even if it’s mostly to pick on me for some reason, and I love you to bits. There’s a lot of stuff that’s gone on in my life but coming to see you perform is my happy place so thank you ❤️

Now I’ve seriously got the tour blues…I need a Ben gig soon! ❤️


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