New Found Friendships

Personally I’m one of these people that always looks for the best in others and I always put myself out there in order to try and be friends with everyone. You might ask why I’m posting something like this when I’m 33 years old and really should know better but it’s one of those things that I need to talk about in detail.

When you get involved in so many different fandoms, it’s quite hard not to want to upset anyone. I’ve seen so many different bands come and go over the years and I will say that some of them bought some of the best people into my life. There are friends that I’ve not seen for a while as they live far away but I still talk to as often as possible but you know you’ve got friends who will stick by you for life when you might not talk to them as much but as soon as you do, you just pick up where you left off.

This might seem like a positive thing but I’ve also seen the negative side of being in different fandoms. There are people who will claim to be your friend but they’re also the ones who will stab you in the back at any opportunity. People who claim to be big fans of different people will latch onto ones who seem to be popular in the particular fandom and then as soon as they’ve got what they need, they will ditch this ‘friend’ and move on and will be nasty at any opportunity.

There were so many times that I have wanted to stop going to see some of my favourites and actually going to gigs in general because of the behaviours of some people but why should I stop? Why should I give up doing what I am passionate about? Why should I stop showing my support for different bands who I believe deserve the support?

Ok travelling around the country or doing 10 gigs on one tour doesn’t make you a bigger fan than others within the fandom but there are people out there who seem to forget this point. You are only doing the same as what other people within the fandoms do.

The point I want to make to everyone is this – it’s not a bad quality for you to see the good in people, it’s not a bad quality for you to want to be friends with everyone when you go anywhere and meet new faces but I will say this, always make sure that you are wary as to who is genuine and who is just using you. There are situations that you will go through in life that will make you who you are today – they might upset you for a period of time but working out who those friends are and surrounding yourself with the right ones will help you mend whatever damage has been done.



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