Collabro – ‘Home’

Now that I’m home from meeting the boys this evening at the Home signing in Birmingham, time to give a little insight into this album.

Home is the third album from the boys, their first as a four piece. It seems that there is a lot riding on this album – it’s their first release without SYCO backing and after everything that’s been going on since Richard left, it would have been easy to just pack it in but they haven’t. The boys asked the fans what they wanted, they listened and they’ve come out fighting!

Not just focusing on one or two members constantly having lead vocals, one change is that each of the boys share the leads and the harmonies sound so crisp and pure. Songs from Beauty and the Beast, Jekyll and Hyde, Love Never Dies provide the basis of a solid album for the musical theatre fans out there. However, their original song ‘Lighthouse’ brings the album to an emotional end. This song was written for the fans to let us know that they’re going to be our light for us as we are their light through the darkness too.

All in all, a superb album and one that I have got on constant repeat! Well done Collabro ❤️


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